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Nasihahs For All Princess Of Muhammad SAW

My nasihahs for all the Princesses of Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu’alaihiwasallam
beware of what food we consume
for the tastier ones fill our heart with greediness
poisons from food pass through the 200 million pumps of microvilli on a 1 mm square area
of the lining of our small intestine easily
beware of what kind of entertainment we get to feed our physique
beware of the promiscuous lyrics in many songs
for they blacken our heart
giving bad influence
into our way of thinking and into our way of action
so feed not our nafs
for the more we indulge in pampering our carnal desires
the lower we descend
the farther we slope down the hill
no, this is not right
our healthy mind realizes
this is (futhur)
the more we get downward
the harder is for us to get upward again
we will have to give extra effort then
because the gravitational force weighs us down
this will predispose us to a chronic disease called wahn
beware of its complications
unfortunately during physical examination
only divine physician can see it
neither palpation, percussion nor auscultation
can help to discern for it is very internal
the disease is there occupying primarily our heart
if we ignore this fact we have to prepare for its’ lethal result
an Imam from Turkey Badi’uz Zaman narrated
honestly speaking this obtuse civilization
that makes this whole world a state
its’ show-offy civilians always intend
to indulge in sinful activities and despicable behaviour
through all kinds of news papers, magazines
in every morning and in every evening
this phenomenon thickens the forgetfulness
until this forgetful wall could not be penetrated
but by struggling and strenuously engaged to God
and it needs nothing but a very big potential
and time and help and energy
however the chosen people of this mankind
has started to realize by Allah’s will
that we need to do something
we need to tarbiyah this beloved ummah
it is time to wake up
to sleep long is no more for we do not have much time
our jihad is due to Allah for only in His way
we will find the dreamt peace like the one achieved
during the time of our beloved Muhammad sallallahu’alaihiwasallam
a man with a living heart loves his creator
and his parents and his friends and animals
and mother earth and whatever He creates
for in every single thing he can get aspiration
that lightens up his body and soul
in times of low and of high
his heart always purifies his steps
firming his iman and taqwa
love is all he needs to touch a hidden barren heart
love blossoms beautiful flowers to their most perfect shape
on that ground, to achieve utmost concern of the purpose of life
we need to nourish love of guidance, to treat hidayah accordingly
and loathe syaitan whose existence are in both forms of man and jinn
and we should aware of their forever vengeance towards us
ever since our great great grandfather Adam was created

every society expects us to be quiet
but Allah always wants us to not stop thinking and ta’at
because silence is the worst betrayal
when we actually have the opportunity to speak up for this ummah
so as we walk we should start to think of the majesty of Allah
of His uncountable blessings upon every makhluk
we will come to see men are nothing
even a tyrant leader is a pussy cat
so fear not except of Him
He is AlKhaliq, ArRazaq  no other divinity except He alone
and there is no deity in this true religion
Allah is enough for us, if we do know
O Allah, to You only we worship and to You only we seek help
not a leaf falls without Your knowledge
He knows every thing of the heavens and the earth
the willpower of Allah include
His guidance and His misguidance
the heart of His servants is in His provisions
whatever he decrees happens easily
He creates every action of man
this divinity puts ikhlas into action
ask for anything, ask from Him
If we are in search of something, search in Him
because He creates us, He knows us best
a little part of us is a small attribute of Him
therefore do istikharah because
it brings us more compassion towards our Rabb
and  priceless barakat in dunya
and multiplied hasanah in akhirat
and the more love of God we feel
the more love we will get to share to those we love
and so thus simple things
whether it pleases or displeases us
we will always find sweetness
ihsan and ukhwah fi sabilillah gives birth to tranquility
and peace and (rahmat) and (barakat)
indeed they are gifts from Him
fruiting positivism and optimism
He gives all these to those He wants
nothing can pull us down
although in the first place we see it not good
be patient and accept the qada’ and qadar of Allah
rely on Him for the betterment of the end result
but always remember of the accountability of our doings
because we always have the chance
to get to be the creme de la creme
remember every thing happens for a reason
or let it be for a thousand useful hikmahs
be content with His result
He always makes it easy for us
it may be you dislike something which is good for you
and if you like something which is not good for you
He knows best so be patient
the strength of iman is directly proportional
to the strength of contentment and tawakkal
O Allah give victory to this deen
free the oppressed ones, cure us, forgive us for our sins
we ask for your goodness
save us from your anger and fire of (Jahannam)
accept our repentance and our guilty conscience
we cry, we lame, we hope for Your forgiveness for we do endless crimes
and for not doing our best in Your name and in Your deen’s name

I can see people with sanity and a clear state of mind
are not against this peaceful deen
still out there the hearts of misguided groups
are waiting for a powerful touch
our beloved and committed brothers and sisters in Islam
are becoming like a seed-produce
that puts forth its sprout, then strengthens it
so it becomes stout and stands firmly on its stem
delighting the sowers, fully devoted in Allah’s rope
and we are much aware that
jihad is to strive against inclination
towards bad things that will throw us into burning fire of Jahim
jihad is to resist tyrany and oppression of cruel leaders
jihad is to fight against the inclination of our carnal desires
jihad is to struggle in battle fields and to do our best
but one thing not to forget
our jihad is due to no one
except in the name of Allah and for His deen
therefore every time we put our forehead on the (sajadah)
remind ourself of how small we are
without His bountiful gifts
appreciate Quran and Sunnah
as they are both so prescious
so dear to our heart
like a sthetoscope for a physician
like a bottle of milk for a 2 year old todler
or simply say like our own heart
if it stops beating necrosis issues
both islam and iman have handsome price
thus take care both of them
with an istiqamah purification of our heart
yaqeen with Allah’s promise for this deen will win
and those who stay constant in this path
will be rewarded forgiveness and the great Jannah
what more should we ask if to His face we will be watching 24/7
imagine there is no relativity of time
and that is what I call eternal happiness



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